A plugin to edit and view Excalidraw drawings in Obsidian

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Excalidraw Automate How To

Use ExcalidrawAutomate to create or manipulate Excalidraw drawings using the ExcalidrawAutomate Script Engine, the Templater or the QuickAdd plugins, and to generate embedded SVG and PNG images using DataviewJS

With a little work, using ExcalidrawAutomate you can generate simple mindmaps, build a family tree, fill out SVG forms, create customized charts, or automate simple tasks (i.e. create macros) in Excalidraw. image

API documentation

ExcalidrawAutomate Script Engine

I recommend using the Scripts Engine for “Macro” like automation, when you want to automate a few simple steps, such as adding a box around a text element, or connecting two objects with an arrow, or setting line width or the grid to a custom value.


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